Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are few questions to help you understand Clickmybrain in a better way.
General Questions
Consumable, easy access, proper guidance and affordable, sustainable value creation by our partners for your IT innovation.
Making technology accessible, collaboration transparent and innovation sustainable.
The brain grid consists of thought leaders in their domain, with an independent view on subject matters. They can inspire, create high-level architecture or give independent advice on topics in their domain.
Other Questions
When a customer has assigned the project to an IT organization, the responding person will be initially in the lead. A dedicated project or track leader can be appointed later by the management of the IT organization.
Relatively small and specialized IT companies with a focus on a quality product(s) and service delivery to their customers. They have a clear vision in their field of expertise and are constantly innovating themselves.
Costs Questions
The usage of ClickmyBrain is free of charge. There is no limitation on functionality, amount of projects, licenses and external brainpower you want to engage with. From 2020 IT companies are going to pay a license fee based on a flexible usage model. Communication on that will start from Q4 2019.
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